Friday, March 23, 2018


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Greyhound with Babes from Thailand!

First 21 March that I’m not in SG

Yesterday all of a sudden I was informed that dad is suddenly asking to head to eye center. He was complaining of not being able to see on his right eye. Everything came really suddenly. 

For the past one year, he has been in out the different hospitals. Really. From CGH to TTSH to SGH. 

He got to eye centre but was told to head to polyclinic insteaad. Which he went to get a referral letter before heading back to A&E at SGH before going over to eye centre. Yes, such is our sg medical system. 

At the A&E we were almost informed that he might have to do an emergency surgery on his retina. Subsequently, no immediate surgery but they did a series of tests and his eye pressure was very high. 

It was a slight relief that we are told he can still celebrate his birthday. The original plan was to celebrate his birthday on 20th coz I’m flying off today. But by the time he got home, he only needed rest.

Today was a follow up back at eye centre. 

Snaffles and I headed to bkk today...

I used to be very envious about travelling for work. I didn’t expect myself to find such a travel intensive one. It does get kind of tiring and the heart is heavy.

I mean I’m not complaining complaining, this role has brought me many places too that I probably wouldn’t have went on my own accord...

The number of stamps accumulated on my passport has never been so much. Yet it’s usually tough travelling when someone at home is unwell. 

They celebrated his birthday without me this year. Somehow it made me tear looking at the pics. Grateful that I have Bunny who got the cake during my absence!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bridget Cruise Gold Buttons Collection

Bridget Cruise Gold Buttons Dress. 
Avail in Navy Blue, Pink, White and Black.
Going at only $59!
SIZE 1: (kindly note all measurements are side to side so you should multiply by 2)
Shoulder: 44cm 
Pit to pit: 60cm (suits bust 120cm)
Waist: 53cm (suits waist 106cm)
Hip: 63cm (suits hip 126cm)

Length: 100cm