Monday, August 12, 2013

Battling backache

4 days ago, loads of Singaporeans would be able to tell you gleefully that we are rejoicing over the long long weekend! We have the new year of our muslim community and our national day and most importantly,  we get a damn long weekend! Thursday, friday, Saturday and Sunday!!

Today is the day where most of us will bitterly tell you how sad we are that its all over!

For me, its worse. I know this week will be a nightmare!  I have loads to do especially since last week was short and last week was painful!  My back started to ache more than usual and no amount of medication or massage seemed to work. It was driving me crazy. I was perpetually sleeping after work (no, I couldnt afford mc). My back felt so tight I felt like crying. it affected my eyes aa well.

It is much better now though I can still feel it.

And ya, I had wanted to use the long weekend to perform some updates for juneoesque but the backache ate up most of my long weekend.  I did however manage to update some backlogs so to my (if any, other than saphy) blog readers, u can try to scroll back and u may read abt my older entries!

And if u really miss me, I update instagram more often these days!

Meanwhile,  pls bo bi my back gets better !

Meanwhile,  chk out my chio until cannot diy chanel nails!

Ps: ur opinion does not matter. I think its damn chio! Muahahahah

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