Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Immediate Service Team !

I was introduced to the Immediate Service Team by Bunny. She has worked with them a number of times due to her work and strongly recommended their services. Initially, I was skeptical but I was later wowed by their good service! I urgently needed a coffee table and a chest of drawers. I was over at Ikea by 8pm and they came to pick me up at 10pm, transport and did the installation for me at a price lower than Ikea but much much much faster than Ikea! Everything was a breeze! I am a super satisfied customer! They even offer you the service of purchasing for you from ikea, just shop online and tell them what you want! They are even more convenient and offer much better services than ikea! 

Reach mr tan of Immediate Service Team at 92200825 or fb I.S Team

My handy girl!

We were supposed to do dinner and drinks but I had a last minute need to get a coffee table and chest of drawers from ikea and she came with me! 

I'm lousy at ikea! How is it they expect ladies to carry those heavy boxes? The ikea staffs are all so unfriendly as well. Not just they din offer to help, they expect us to know the system (yes, I know it's not that tough to figure) and even when asking for help, they are appear totally not interested to even communicate - like oh shit why are u talking to me kind. Horrigible! All of them are like that!

Luckily I had fifi with me! She was my hero!

She even showed me the asis section to ask me to choose my items from there!! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Arcade fun in Batam

When your ferry tickets are timed 8am

And you only slept at 2 am.

This is how it's like waking up....

5 mins in this position...

Another 5 mins in this position...

And even after bathing, another 5 mins in this position....

Batam, here we come! 

And next time, ken doesn't get to choose ferry tickets timing!

Our arrival at our hotel - Novotel Batam

Holiday nails!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Twinning with Ginny

Met up with Ginny today and got to know a new friend through her! Some u'd probably find familiar - Kelly Poon!

Ginny was keen in some of the outfits I was selling so she was trying them on!

Twinning with Ginny!

A hard to get her to be camera friendly

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The bright side

Basically today 就是受了委屈。不知道算不算是好心做了坏事。不过就让它过去了。

But on the bright side of things, it's that for the first time I saw for myself how my bunny love defended me and made me feel like when there are things that are indignant for me, bunny will step out and be my amour. Thank you bunny love!

Sometimes you think you know someone

When u actually don't. 

Reflecting back on times when you spared a thot or allowed this person to be part of your inner circle, where you showed care and concern yet there isn't a basic respect in return. 

I should be old enough to know when to let go and also how not to be too affected by such things / people.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Francine Bow Lace Dress

Francine Bow Lace Dress, lovely Lace Dress with bow! Fits UK 16-20! Going at $59 only!
•Colours: Yellow/Black/Lilac/Gray

Shoulder (40cm)
Pit to pit (60cm)
Waist (50cm)
Length (96cm)