Saturday, August 12, 2017

#%^*+ Cathay!

Wah Lau!!! They pasted some errie looking decal on their lifts AND toilet wash basin area! Some ghostly picture and titled 'have u seen her'


Mui Kee visit!

Zy is at a very fun to play with age! It helps that he's very cute both in looks and character! 

Today we fixed a date to head down to try Mui Kee with our mothers! Mui Kee, according to my Duno reliable or not source ah yee, was brought over to singapore by Les Amis group after they tried it in Hongkong! 

They reside now at the Botanical Garden where Casa Verde is. Mui Kee is served Tuesdays to Sundays and only till 3pm.

It took us awhile to find Mui Kee! We started off at Cluny Road entrance (where Bee's Knees is) and it was educational for us today, we realize the Botanical Gardens has so damn many entrances! We got to the one where Halia was as well and the tanglin entrance before getting to the Nassim entrance. 

At one point around 1 plus, the helpful information folks told me they aren't sure if Mui Kee is still serving coz they are aware it's only avail in the morning. They were kind enough to help us call and check. 

Each time I got off the car to check, to keep Zy's enthusiasm still up, we had to excitedly say "yay! More car ride! " lest the little one gets upset and wonder why we haven't reach yet! Hahaha

Finally found!

Aside from the porridge, I also ordered a curry chicken! It was pretty good!

Not overly spicy and goes very well with the rice. Also love the chicken drumstick!

There was also a very helpful and friendly server. She gave very good care and attention to our table esp our mums. She is from Cambodia and speaks mandarin!

As we were quite late, side dish of drunken chicken is no longer available. 

But porridge is available. A set is at $12.90 whilst a premium set is at $14.90. A set comes with half dough fritters and half a century egg...

The porridge was a little disappointing. We probably had higher expectations of it. We have a favourite porridge stall in Hong Kong called 生记. It is located at yau ma tei, facing city view hotel. It's a must visit every time we head there. So it's inevitable to compare against 生记! 

Thing is, not only does it not compare against 生记, it's not even comparable to imperial treasure. The porridge is rather watery and the meatballs were disappointing. It didn't taste good and a meatball fan like me can't finish the meatballs.

The fish belly was ok. It had a charred taste that we couldn't figure if it was deliberate or it was really charred. Bunny actually liked the charred fish belly taste.

The century egg that came along with it was the saving grace! It was 糖心 kind! Molten!

Dough fritters were ok~

Overall the porridge can be better. I probably will be back to try the drunken chicken!

Zy's kids set....

Overall still a relatively good family session!

We even got to take a walk around the garden...

Happy to have ah yee keeping me in check with planning family moments!

Ootd for today!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mini Mcdonalds Ice Cream Cone

Found the cutest ice cream cone at Malaysia's McDonald's!

The funny thing is, they don't sell it sell it. They sort of refused to sell it to adults (me) and it's only for kiddos. I had to point out that I was here with a kiddo seated by the next table *wink wink 

Lesson learnt

When at customs, want to pee, park the car. Don't think just coz got jam can let the car cruise. 

Also, bring ur passport else you risk being suspected as immigrant. 

We were escorted back to the car...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dear Dear's birthday celebration at Clinton Bakery!

Dear Dear's birthday celebration today! 

My ootd for today...

Tried a new way of drawing my eyeliner today....

And I realized meitu does much better makeup than me....

See how chio!!

Pink chio hair w/o having to bleach summore!

I really think the pink hair looks damn chio on me la!!

Dinner and celebrarion is at Clinton Bakery!

I went for my usual buttermilk biscuit sandwich which domes with scrambled, biscuit and hash brown...

The tomato paste is really good and goes very well with the biscuit. The hash brown is fabulous! Taste more like mash and buttery!

Leonard went for the buttermilk chicken...

And the pancakes that we've been meaning to try!

I thought their pancakes were pretty ok but they have an incredibly good maple syrup! It's not just sweet but buttery as well.

And of course, there must be a 'cake'! 

Yes! Happy birthday to my bestest bestest friend!

This candle may be nice but it waxed our pancakes! Haha

And leonard had fun with my selfie light!

Like iron man sio!