Friday, June 30, 2017

Bringing the whole village over to Bees Knees!

Because the churros were so good, we had to bring the whole village! So we set a date to come here for the churros!


Everyone agreed it was good! It was thick and had a moist center and it was served hot! Oh so good with the cinnamon sugar!

Since we were here for this, the churros deserves more ootd shots! 


Dressed in glittering cinnamon and sugar!



And I know I have raved abt the beef papardelle and today I can conclude for sure, all their pasta are good! 

All their pasta, regardless of forms, were super good in texture! 

Something new on the menu we tried today was the pesto sauce with bone marrow pasta....


The bone marrow had a layer of charred cheese above and it was good! The bone marrow was ok but the shell shaped pasta was so good! The sauce is good if u like pesto like we do! The texture of the pasta was bouncy! Love it!

The prawn pasta...


Love the taste once again! It's got the prawn bisque kind of broth, very little gravy (wish there was more). Texture of pasta was again bouncy! The prawns looked not so fresh thou with all the black parts...


And of course, the beef papardelle we love and have raved so many times about!


The carbonara was also the hot favourite....


Amazing pasta at a great price! Sadly they close really early (8pm) even for a weekend night. Else it's a great place to hang out with good food!

Menu variety also would like to see them have more stuff since the chef obviously does very well! 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Juneoesque nails makes a comeback!

Been awhile since I religiously try new nails designs! Recently got this new colour from face shop!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Happy birthday Xin!

It is Xin's birthday today! The family has celebrated it for her over the weekends so I wanted to do a little something for her today.

In fact today is supposed to be my dinner get together with JJ but I had a Duno is bak zam or Duno is pimple or Duno is infection thingy on my eye yday. It was a little painful so we rescheduled the dinner. Luckily we rescheduled coz I tried to head over for xin's surprise during lunch but there was just way too much work today. 

I effectively only got to end work at about 8 and luckily bunny was available to pick me up and we literally dashed to get the cake and over to Xin's! Luckily I had Guan as spy and the surprise was semi successful! 

She spotted me while I was trying to call Guan at the door!







It was a quick and nice surprise I guess. Hehe coz she really wasn't expecting it and the boys were excited over the cupcakes! Dylan immediately said he wants the salted caramel while Thaddeus went for the red velvet!

And yes I was 素颜 coz of my eye. I am indeed photogenic! In person look so cui but on photo looks ok leh! Hahahahaa

Glad to have managed to do this for xin with bunny's help! Happy birthday xin! May u continue to spread your positive energy around!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

We found the best churros ever!

Arranged a date with Ginny to bring her over to Bees Knees for the super awesome papardella, also to thank her for her help in helping to design my super pretty name card!


And yes, follow me follow me on instagram and Facebook!

So yes, Ginny did up the design for me! She was such a pro at it and today is an appreciation for her!

And so, we ordered our drinks...

Her latte...


My peanut butter Nutella milk shake...


The milk shake is so awesome! It's thick and not overly sweet with the fragrance of nuts and peanut better. It's super good! 

We tried their wagyu salad....


The beef salad is probably the only thing not to our liking today. The sauce is a bit sweet and the beef didn't have much of a beefy taste.

The papardelle that we came here for....


A closer look...


As soon as ginny tried it, she said "oh man this is awesome, I love it!"

It's true! Their pasta is so bouncy in texture! This is good quality pasta and the sauce is the very natural home made tomato sauce that's not overly thick. It just blends so well with the pasta. A must try!

We wanted to try their brunch food but we were a little late so we ordered another pasta instead....


With this vongole and my previous try on their carbonara, I can safely tell u, they make damn awesome pastas! Even their spaghetti is bouncy in texture! 

Importantly, the vongole was so fragrant! The clams were of a good size and the sauce married the pasta so well. The vongole was really good!

We also ordered a waffle to share....


The rice crisp and waffle was pretty good. Probably I didn't really like chocolate sauce but they had loads of it. But overall it was nice.

Bunny last minute came to join us and she rushed down simply coz she wanted that papardelle!

She also ordered her favourite churros....


I'm not a churros lover but she is. So I was initially disapproving of this order coz we already had the waffle but it was the best thing ever!

This is totally unlike any other churros I've tried! It's thick and the exterior is crisp and the inside is so soft!!

The texture is so divine! In fact Ginny said that like me, she doesn't really fancy churros but it was so good we almost wanted to make bunny order another one! It was really super good!


We are definitely coming back again for the churros and papardelle!! For sure!!

Ginny bought a skirt from me!


This is the black Paris story skirt!

Am thankful to Ginny for her sound beauty tips on skincare and her generous personality, always offering to help when she can! 

Am so glad we rekindled this friendship!




The top I'm wearing is our Lora Tropicana offshoulder top! Reach out if anyone is keen! :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

And June goes on!

A fulfilling (and tiring) long weekend! Craving for some rest actually!!

And on a happy note, it's my birthday gathering with seafoodies and meina today and also Jolene's baby shower!

Outfit of the day!







Ken picked me up as bunny was busy working! 

The baby shower was a cozy event...





After the shower, I went for a quick hair cut before meeting the seafoodies. And here's a quick selfie!


With a lot of meitu of course!

My birthday gathering with seafoodies is at Centrepoint's beautypot!

A couple of us have already tried it whilst those who haven't, loved it too!



The meat, the soup, all was good. Price tag also very good :z

Thank u seafoodies for the birthday treat and the updates of good news!



After the super short gathering, I headed over to meet up with meina before going over to Rice & Fries for dinner!


There are new changes to the menu again!

The lobster bisque soup....


With good amount of lobster chunks...


Compliments from chef ken, Parma ham and chorizo platter...


Meina came specially for their signature lamb shank!


I went for my usual grilled salmon!


They changed the sauce to tomato! I miss my cream based sauce!

And clearly, meina was enjoying her lamb shank!




Always fun times at R&F!

And followed by 3p mj! Delightful end to a night!

And ya, my girlfriend is amazed I really celebrate my birthday for a full month! Haha