Saturday, July 29, 2017

Instagram worthy Coffee

It's another instagram worthy visit! The cotton candy coffee from Mellower Coffee!

But seriously, if not for the instagram worthy picture, I doubt I will order this again. Firstly, it's hot coffee, I prefer it cold.

The cotton candy when placed above the coffee, begins melting and falls onto the coffee, like rain, like snow! It's quite a beautiful sight!

Listed on their menu under signature is their ondeh latte...

Which really does taste like ondeh ondeh!

I probably will order ondeh instead of the sweet little rain next time! 

A nice little catch up with jefrince and Tim!

Fiona's first Lawrys

Fiona came over and bought a number of my clothes today!

After her shopping we headed for dinner together!

Her first time at Lawrys and she enjoyed the steak!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Loh gong zai cooks to celebrate for the Loh Por zai!

Catching up with Loh gong zai and minako today! And they say it's still my birthday celebration! Heh heh heh!!

So I got to order my favourite Loh gong zai roast pork! 

Check out that slab!

And welcomed with such a pretty plate and bear serviette!

Master chef discussing on how to cut up the roast meat....

One slab each!!

The layers drive me crazy and what I love most abt it is how Loh gong zai used more western herbs aside from 5 spized powder!

This bunch are all alcoholics (except me) haha. We had rounds of alcohol and rounds of undercover game! We all had good fun!